Having Trouble Checking out?

Trouble Checking out?

Step 1: Pick your site:

Step 2: Add to Cart

Step 3: Proceed to Checkout or Check out with PayPal (faster)


Step 4: Proceed to Checkout: Enter billing information and Proceed to PayPal (where you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal Account)


Step 5: PayPal will offer you a way to log in to your existing account or to Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card. Select your option

Step 6: When paying by Credit card enter in your card information:

Choose to create a PayPal account or not (No, thanks)


Step 7: Select Pay Now

Transaction is complete and you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

Note: When paying by PayPal – you will log in to your account and follow the PayPal steps. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox when payment has been received.